Why Do You Follow Christ?

Why do you follow Christ?  Why did you choose HIM for your savior?  That was the issue behind Jesus’ statement to the crowds that pursued Him after His miracle of feeding five thousand adults.  Jesus had gained a huge following as a result of His miracles, wonders and signs. (John 6:22)  After this miracle, they were relentless in their search for His next stop—the next place that they could receive the benefit of His miracles—bread.

Jesus saw their hearts yet He did not admonish or reject them.  He saw their real need as an opportunity to redirect their focus from their bellies to their souls.  He offered them the true “bread from heaven”—bread that would not perish but had eternal benefit.  He offered Himself, the Bread of Life. (John 6:35) They did not understand because their focus was tethered tightly to the immediate needs of this life.  Unfortunately, many walked away still hungry—physically AND spiritually. (John 6:66)

When many of us initially came to Christ, we too, followed for bread. Some of us came for provision—blessings, healing, or miracle.  Some came for protection—fire insurance to guard against the “fire and brimstone” threatened by well-meaning pastors and teachers.  We lacked information about the “pearl of great price.” In 2011, are you still seeking bread—food, clothing, shelter alone while forgetting His true value?  If this is your list, I recommend a change in diet—Jesus Christ. He is life. (1 John 5:11-13)  He is joy and peace. (Rom. 15:13)  That’s why I follow Him.  Why do you?

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