Contending for Children Initiative

Contending for Children Initiative (CFCI) is a faith-based program of In The Word Ministries designed to recapture the hearts of our children for the Kingdom of God.  

As a community, we can continue using traditional methods and approaches to address the needs of our children or we can create new partnerships and approaches that redirect our children to “healthier outcomes”.

It is CFCI’s intent to partner with community organizations and ministries who are like-minded and willing to engage in changing the negative trends currently threatening our children.

Expertise is desired in areas that support healthy individuals, strong families, and viable communities:

  • Social Health-cultural, family, community
  • Emotional-mental well-being, feelings, emotions
  • Physical Health-wellness of the body
  • Spiritual Health-connected with supreme being and nature
  • Intellectual Health-health literacy, creativity, knowledge
  • Financial Health-employment, financial security, insurance, retirement
  • Environmental Health-clean air & water, safe living conditions, access to healthy food

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For more information, please visit Contending for Children Initiative or contact Eileen Epps-Hamilton at 913-209-8492 .