What We Do

In the Word Ministries provides input to your spiritual growth and development, through a variety of venues.

  • WordBytes. our weekly e-devotional, provides spiritual guidance for Christian growth.
  • Morning Reflections is our weekend podcast that is designed for believers “on the move” .
  •  WORDStream is a live stream venue designed to examine “real-time”, 21st century issues from a biblical perspective.



Women of Excellence
With all the contemporary models portrayed in the media, what does it mean to be a woman of excellence in the 21st century?  What does God “require?”   Learn the principles God has given to develop into true women of excellence.

Hearing God
Understand why God wants us to ‘hear ’Him.  What are His intentions for our lives, why we want to ‘hear’ God and finally how to ‘hear’ God?



Developing a Praying Heart
Develop an intimate relationship with God through prayer and incorporate prayer as an integral part of your life.

Living In Love—Serving in Grace
God’s righteousness is seen in ‘Christian Action’ How do we show others with the same love and grace we have received from God. (based on Romans 12:9-21)

Confidence in the Faithfulness of God
Too often when life is easy we forget God and start to depend on our own wisdom—it is when the going is hard that we really know how close God is.


Christian Teachings

Knowing God
This writing by J.I Packer has become the standard by which Christian’s can develop a closer walk with God.  It begins with understanding just who God is.

Experiencing God
How do you experience God in the fullness of His essence.  Based on the best seller by
Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby.


Introductory Studies

What Does It Mean Now That I’m a Christian?

Understanding the Holy Trinity

What’s God’s Will for my Life?


Studies For Growth

Philippians-Unspeakable Joy

Romans-Our Affirmation of Faith

1 John-Loving like Christ 

Acts-Power to Live Boldly


Personal Connection

Tailored venues and experiences that will support the unique spiritual needs of individuals,

churches, and/or Christian organizations.