Things I Learned in 2014

“Let us search out and examine our ways, And turn back to the LORD.” Lamentations 3:40 (NKJ)

I’ve had several conversations this holiday season with my grandnephew as he shared his impressions and experiences about his first semester in college. Oh my, the memories that came to my mind. The lessons he had learned and the lessons yet to be learned. As we spoke, this adage came to mind, “If you keep doing what you do, you’ll keep getting what you got.” While this saying isn’t biblical, it offers strong wisdom to people wanting to change their life and even, their circumstances.

For me, this adage begged the challenge as to what are they things I have learned through my experiences in 2014. I share my insights with you (not in priority order).

#1. Forgiveness is a process. It seems like when you think you have moved past feelings of anger and resentment, a memory or encounter causes those feelings to rise again. I have found that replacing “blessings for curses” (Matt. 5:44) does work. The negative feeling quickly leaves. You can never forgive enough.

#2. “Makes you words soft and sweet, you may have to eat them one day.” These were the words my mother-in-law told me and she was right. James was correct when he described our tongues as “a fire set by hell” (James 3:6). Watch your mouth!

#3. God will do exceedingly above all that we ask and think! (Ep. 3:20) I’m not saying that this year has been perfect, but He has proven Himself faithful and trustworthy. God did what He said He would do—even when I didn’t initially understand what was going on. My part was to only “trust and obey.”

#4. It’s OK to be vulnerable. God has provided the Church and other believers to support and help us in times of need (James 5:14-16). My Christian friends and family have been part of God’s gift to me this year as I sought prayer, guidance, and resources to do the things God gave me to do. Thank you Lord for teaching me how to receive their gifts.

#5. God speaks continuously. It’s up to me to listen. I have concentrated this year on practicing the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is life changing to realize that Deity, the Glory of the Lord, dwells within me to guide, chastise, and empower me. The Holy Spirit is truly a gift from the Lord (Luke 11:13).

#6. Pride can be the biggest hindrance to the Lord working in my life. I pray each day that the Lord will reveal any manifestations of pride in my life—my words, my actions, my thoughts (1 Peter 5:6). A must read, “Humility—The Beauty of Holiness” by Andrew Murray.

I invite you to develop your own list of “wisdom nuggets” you learned in 2014 and share a few of them with the ITWM Community.  You can input your responses at the end of the page.

One thought on “Things I Learned in 2014”

  1. This sounds weird, but I learned to be humble enough to be blessed by others. In the past, couldn’t accept so much as a lunch because I felt “I” should be the “bless or”. This year God has shown me there is humility in allowing others in your church, congregation, job (even your mate) to minister to you in giving. God redefined what independence really is. Great post. Prompted me to reflect a bit.

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