Spiritual Identity Theft

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:26 (KJV)

The recent security breaches at Target, Home Depot, and other million dollar merchants, have left many of us extremely nervous concerning identity theft.   It has become a lucrative business as personal information is illegally accessed and sold to the highest bidder whose intent is to defraud and swindle.  It is an event we pray never happen to us. Similarly, theft of our spiritual identity can be a costly event.  Why is protection of our spiritual identity important?

First, our spiritual identity connects us to our source of life, God the Father. In Christ Jesus” we are reconciled to God. Now we are “children of God” and His “son” (John 1:12; Rom. 8:14). Understanding our spiritual identity, we can access those rights and privileges that are rightfully our “birthright”. Our identity, which was loss in the garden, was restored at the Cross.

Secondarily, our spiritual identity replaces the distorted view we have of ourselves communicated by Satan and the world, and through unhealthy attachments and relationships. It is here that we develop “false identities” of who we are. These false identities leave us brokenhearted and emotionally damaged. God’s truth, our identity in Christ Jesus, is needed to replace the lies we believe (John 8:32; 10:13).

The key perpetrator of spiritual identity thief is Satan. Our true identity was established in the Garden of Eden. There man was created in the image of God and shared unbroken fellowship with the Father. He was given authority over all creation and total access to limitless resources (Gen. 1:28). That was God’s identity for man–beloved creature and ruler–until his identity was “stolen” through deceit and deception. Satan took man’s glorious identity, given by God the Creator, and robbed him of his “good name”, leaving him “spiritual bankrupt.”

God, in His mercy and love, sent Jesus to retrieve and strengthen our true identity that was stolen in the Garden. “In Christ Jesus” we have been given a new name and new blessings to be enjoyed now through eternity. Our true identity is now safe and secure, “theft resistant” because of that which Christ accomplished on the Cross.