As I Look in the Mirror…Remembering MOMA

The occasion–my sister’s 70th birthday.  I rebuked the cold of Cottage Grove, Minnesota to spend this special time with my “Sister Dear.”  How much fun it was to laugh and be silly once again like we did when we were little girls.  We even shared her king-size bed for our five days of true sisterhood. As we experienced this special time, I caught glimpses of our mother in my sister–her face, her smile, her gestures, and her wisdom.  Oh my, we DO BECOME OUR MOTHERS.  I had dread that thought as a young woman, believing I had mastered both my life and my personality. But as the Psalmist shared, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Hopefully also, with age comes wisdom and I now see the true gift we have inherited from our mother.

The old folk use to think that our loved ones might be seen shortly after their passing–a quick glimpse to reassure our souls that they are always with us.  Moma never did appear that way.  She did, however, give us glimpse of her in the faces, actions, and wisdom of her children she left behind.  I saw her in my sister Jean this weekend and oh yeah, when I look in the mirror, I see her too!

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