Anxiety Relief: Stressed and Depressed

Anxiety Relief

We need anxiety relief

Stressed?  Depressed? One of the biggest thieves of energy, health and life is anxiety.  Anxiety is described as a feeling of worry typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  Our current life experiences with the health pandemic, economic recession, and social unrest, have resulted in heightened anxiety within our families, our cities, and our nation.

In response to the coronavirus, pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers are rushing to develop a  cure for this deadly disease.  With the cries for justice and social reform, people across this nation and around the world, are in search of a cure to racism. But what relief can be offered for the heightened sense of anxiety we live with daily?

Who has the cure for the anxiety?

Where do we find anxiety relief?  What cures are available for the anxiety caused by the aforementioned circumstances and other life events?

Possible cures offered to date include intervention (therapy), meditation,  and physician-prescribed medication.  Unfortunately, we as a nation, have also chosen to self-medicate resulting in destructive and  addictive behaviors.

For this week’s WordBytes, I’d like to share  another source of  anxiety relief offered by one of my favorite writers.  Dr. F.B. Meyer, described as one of the world’s most gifted pastor and expositor, offers sage wisdom to believers as we make this journey of faith, one-day-at-a-time.  Dr. Meyer offers biblical relief for our anxiety.  A prescription that comes directly from the Great Physician (Exodus 15:26).

One thought on “Anxiety Relief: Stressed and Depressed”

  1. Good morning Eileen,
    This week’s WordByte is so befitting with an idea I’ve been considering. For several days now I’ve been thinking about doing a Zoom gathering of a few (5 or 6) of my Black women friends who may, like me, need to vent about all that’s going on. Not vent in a negative way but just need to release some of these pinned up emotions of what we’re seeing and hearing and trying to figure out how we can move forward. I’ve been asking God what can I do in this time of dis ease, restlessness of my spirit. You know that because I love doing events that’s how I tend to think in terms of how to do this virtual event keeping with the 4 event pillars, which are: to educate, enlighten, empower & entertain. I want to put together, for lack of a better word,a “care packet” to send to the Invitees, prior to the event. So when you have time I’d like to talk to you more about this. Have a great day.

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