WisdomBytes for Those Desperately Seeking Wisdom

  • Godly wisdom is important for us today if we are to successfully navigate the challenges of 21st century living.
  • Only when one abandons what seems wise by human standards to accept the “divine viewpoint” can true wisdom be claimed (1 Cor. 3:19-20). Godly wisdom is a way of thinking and conduct that is orderly, socially sensitive, and morally upright. It is a way of viewing and approaching life that results in purposeful, God-honoring living (1 Pet. 1:13, 14).
  • The wise person is one who is sensitive to God and who willingly subjects himself to Him. The wise person is one who goes on to apply divine guidelines in everyday situations and guided by God’s will, makes daily choices. It is only in joining the Lord’s words to experience that wisdom can be found or demonstrated (James 1:23-25).
  • As we look around it seems that godly wisdom has been abandoned as men and nations do what is “right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25; Prov. 3:7).   It is incumbent upon us as believers to demonstrate outwardly the godly wisdom being placed within us as we obediently follow the teachings of God and the leading of His Holy Spirit.
  • True wisdom is seeing life from God’s perspective and responding accordingly. To fear God means that, as believers, we acknowledge God’s power and authority in our lives. Those who fear God adopt a godly lifestyle out of respect for Him and make moral choices that reflect the character of God.
  • Knowledge of the Holy One is the revelation of God (Ep. 1: 17-18). It shapes our reality so that we conform to the will of God and respond appropriately to the events of life. This knowledge reminds us whose we are (our relationship with God), who we are (our position in Christ), and how we are to live (in obedience and service to God).