Encouragement versus Discouragement

Hopeful view of people’s nature Hopeless view of people’s nature
Individual’s behavior is purposeful Individual’s behavior is caused by outside forces and victimization that may occurred in the past
Satisfaction comes from work, learning, and belonging – intrinsic motivations Satisfaction comes from rewards and acquisition – extrinsic motivation
Influence without strings Control, force, and fear
Equality as human beings Superior-inferior relationships, sitting in judgment
Chatting – talking with Advising – telling to
Effective listening Ineffective listening
Recognition, acceptance, and appreciation Moralistic praise and approval, bribing
Being ourselves, fine as we are Pleasing and proving
Challenge, stimulate Pressure, threaten, coerce
Invite, offer choices Command, boss
Cooperative atmosphere – helping and being useful Competitive atmosphere – winning or losing, success or failure
Value and use emotions Fear and control emotions
Uniqueness and creativity Obedience and conformity
Recognizes effort and improvement Recognizes only tasks well done
Courage to be imperfect Fear of mistakes
Freedom with order Order without freedom
Natural consequences Rewards and punishment

Dr. Timothy D. Evans

Transformation Counseling LLC