Opportunity Does More Than Knock

Yesterday opportunity knocked on my door.  I had been looking for someone to help with my website.  For literally years I prayed that God would send the support I needed.  Help almost came several times, but I was always left to manage “on my own” (or so I thought). Yesterday God presented an opportunity greater than my prayers—not only someone to help with the website but a like-minded, Christian sister who would also introduce me to the world of social media. He gave me MORE than I had expected in the person of my Cuz’n Teri. Yesterday opportunity opened my door.  With gratitude and thankfulness, I joyfully invited opportunity in.

Opportunity comes in many ways.  Sometimes it comes through people; sometimes it comes through problems.  Other times opportunity may surface as you read a book or listen to the latest news broadcast. Allow me to share what I have learned about opportunity.
  1. Opportunity must be recognized.  Do you have an unmet need or desire that needs to be fulfilled?  Have you been searching for a solution to a problem that stubbornly refuses to go away?  Your answer may lie in a fortuitous opportunity.  Remember the woman with the issue of blood? (Mark 5:27-28)
  1. Opportunity must be acknowledged. The Pharisees knew that Christ was the Messiah, yet they refused to acknowledge who He was and what He had to offer.   Isaiah prophesized that “they would have eyes yet they would not see—they had ears yet they would not hear.” (Isaiah 6:9-10)
  1. Opportunity must be seized.  An opportunity not acted on is like seeing money on the floor and refusing to bend down and pick it up.  Opportunities don’t last forever—if they did they would be regular events.  Opportunities are for right now.  That’s what four friends did for their paraplegic associate. They seized the opportunity. (Mark 2:4)
  1. Opportunity, more often than not, will  exceed our expectations.  The women at the well went for water and returned with salvation.  She expected criticism and found instead unspeakable joy and new freedom.  (John 4:39)
 Each day God presents wonderful opportunities to resolve our challenges.  We need only to recognize, acknowledge, and then seize them. And the results will be more than we expected. Stop stepping over your opportunities.  Pick them up.  Those opportunities are really “blessings” in disguise.
“And the LORD , He is the One who goes before you…” (Deut. 31:8)

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