Experiencing the Presence of God

After experiencing the presence of the Lord, it was hard for the two on the road to Emmaus to return to “business as usual.” (Luke 24:13-32) Christ’s words burn in their hearts.  They had begun their journey burdened, but ended it with renewed faith–ready to witness for their risen Savior.

In His presence, Peter, James and John experienced the transfiguration of Christ. (Matt. 17:1-13) They were so astonished with what they saw and heard that they desired to build a tabernacle to glorify the Lord.  These disciples came desiring to be part of Jesus’ “in crowd” but left instead as witnesses of the Christ.  (Acts 1:8)

In His presence, the Samaritan woman found the chance for a new beginning. (John 4)  Often ostracized and demeaned by both men and women, this woman was offered refreshment that satisfied the soul’s true thirst—unconditional love and forgiveness.  The woman at the well came desiring physical water but found instead a Savior and everlasting life. (John 4:14)

In His presence, Zacchaeus initially came as a seeker. (Luke 19:2) He hoped to merely catch a glimpse of this great prophet.  Imagine Zacchaeus’ (and the hypocritical observers’) surprise with Jesus’ invitation to “abide” at his home.   Zacchaeus came to observe from a tree but became the object of Jesus’ attention and the “poster child” for true reconciliation. (Luke 19:9)

We often come into God’s presence unknowingly like the woman at the well.  Other times, we are like Zacchaeus, very intentional in our desire to see the glory of the Lord.  Think about the last time you experienced God’s presence.  When you left Him, were you changed for the better or did you go back to “business as usual?”

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