WEEK 1, ” Salvation in Christ’s Coming”

December 1  In the Beginning, John 1:1-14–Recall the “beginning of Christ” in your life. Journal how you felt then and how you feel now about knowing Him.

December 2  The Song of Mary, Luke 1:46-56–What is your “song of expectation” to the Lord? Is it a favorite hymn or contemporary song? Record it in your journal with reasons why you chose it.

December 3 The One and Only, Isaiah 61 cf. Luke 4:16-21–Identify someone you will pray for who needs the “Good Tidings of Salvation” described in Isaiah 61: 1-3.

December 4 We Need a Savior, Romans 3:10-20–Spend time asking the Lord to reveal any unconfessed sin in your life. Be specific and ask for forgiveness.

December 5   A Psalm of Praise and Trust, Psalm 34:1-10–What are you praising God for this Advent season.  Take time to praise God for Jesus with your favorite worship music.

December 6    Salvation for All, Romans 15:7-13–Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you opportunities to share the gift of salvation possible to all through Jesus Christ.

December 7 In His Presence Psalm 139–Describe how you feel when you’re in God’s presence. Describe a time when it was difficult to feel His presence.

 WEEK 2, “Satisfaction with Christ”

December 8  Learning to Rest, Mark 6:30-32–When do you rest with the Lord? If you don’t rest, ask the Holy Spirit to show you barriers to resting in Him.

December 9  Being with Jesus, John 15:1-17–What stand in the way of your abiding with the Lord?

December 10  Comfort for God’s People, Isaiah 40–Identify specific verses from the chapter that represent what the Lord is doing or has done in your life to comfort you.

December 11  Living Holy, 1 Peter 1:13-25–How committed are you to living holy? What stands in the way of you living a holy life?

December 12 Yearning for God, Psalm 42–Describe a time when you “thirst” for God. If you never have, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is standing in the way of a deeper longing for God.

December 13 Jesus is Coming Back, Matthew 24:36-44–How secure is your faith in light of the signs of the end of this age?

December 14  Watchful and Faithful Servants, Luke 12:35-48–How are you managing the Lord’s resources that have been entrusted to you?

WEEK 3, “Surety of Christ’s Return”

December 15 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, John 14:1-3–List the reasons why you will not be anxious as you await Christ’s return.

December 16  Waiting for Christ, Luke 12:37-38–What are you doing while you wait for Christ’s return?

December 17 Feast or Fast, Isaiah 58–What personal appetites and pleasures keep you away from Jesus’ will being done in your life?

December 18 God’s Promises, Zechariah 8:1-15–List the promises you are trusting God for as a result of Christ’s first advent.

December 19 Bold Proclamation, Hebrew 12–Recall those times which you felt God was chastening you. Journal how you felt and the “peaceable fruit of righteousness” (v. 11) that resulted from it.

December 20 Jesus is Lord,  Acts 10:34-43– How bold are you in proclaiming that Jesus is Lord? What hinders you?

December 21 God is Love, 1 John 4– How do you show your love for Jesus Christ?

WEEK 4,  “Sovereignty of Christ Assured”

December 22  God’s Kingdom to Triumph, Isaiah 2:1-5–How are we to live today in light of the promised triumph of God’s Kingdom?

December 23  The Lord Reigns, Psalm 93–What are the proofs of God’s reign upon the earth?  How does that make you feel?

December 24 Power in the Name, Psalm97–Journal your reaction to the Psalmist’s description of the Lord’s power and dominion

December 25 Worthy is the Lamb Revelation 5:9-14–What about Jesus Christ makes Him worthy of all your devotion and all your praise?