The Power of a Discerning Spirit

In a world filled with endless sources of information and opinions, believers need to develop a

discerning spirit. Otherwise, how will we know what is true? Much of what we see and hear is based

on a worldly perspective that is influenced by Satan, the Father of Lies. Deception is found even in

the religious realm: cults mix lies with enough truth to make some people consider them legitimate

Christian institutions.


The only way believers can guard against deception is to ground themselves in God’s Word. The more

time you spend filling your mind with the Lord’s thoughts, the more discerning you will be. However,

just knowing biblical truth isn’t enough. You must put what you learn into practice so that it becomes

more than head knowledge.


The goal is to let God’s Word become such an integral part of your thinking that it guides all your

decisions. Even if the situation you’re facing isn’t specifically addressed in the Bible, scriptural

principles provide the needed wisdom for every choice. In addition, the Holy Spirit was given to each

believer as a Helper, whose job is to guide you into all the truth (John 14:26; 16:13). However, your

responsibility is to put God’s Word into your mind so that He can bring it to your remembrance. If

you neglect the Word, you’ll lack discernment.


What are you allowing into your mind? Is Scripture high in your priorities? Unless you’re careful.

worldly thinking will overpower spiritual discernment. It’s difficult to keep God’s perspective in the

forefront if you spend two or three hours in front of the television and only ten minutes in the Bible.



In Touch Ministries

Dr. Charles Stanley

November 17, 2017