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February 18, 2015

Hold Fast to the Word

“Preach the Word…” 2 Tim. 4:2 (NKJ) This month WordBytes has focused on the Bible–its sufficiency and its power. Why is this discussion necessary? As we move closer to end times, it is incumbent upon believers to stand fast in their faith and boldly proclaim the Word of God. This cannot be accomplished by sheer […]

February 10, 2015

The Power Behind the Word

“Open my eyes, that I may see Wondrous things from Your law.” Psalm 119:18 (NKJ) How do you read the Bible? Do you read it intent on analyzing its meaning? I must admit, this is the lens I most frequently use. I invest in Bible commentaries and lexicons, with great intentionality and expense, to insure […]

February 4, 2015

Handle with Care

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV) Our text today comes from Paul’s letter to the young preacher, Timothy as he prepared for leadership in the church at Ephesus. In […]

October 10, 2014

“Dats what God’s Word do!”

Kansas City is alive with excitement as the Kansas City Royals approach a World Series that has eluded them for twenty-eight (28) years.   The team has been blessed with young and exciting players that have added personality and flair to Kansas City baseball.  One of its newer players is Gerrod Dyson, who is noted for […]

October 3, 2012

The Salvation Challenge

Salvation Challenge Take the challenge.  Match the word list (A-L) with its closest definition (1-12) Create a picture/process diagram of how we achieve salvation using selected from the word list below On your diagram, identify “who” is performing the action associated with the specific act involved with salvation.  Your choices include: mankind, God, Jesus, the […]

April 11, 2012

Word Transformation: The Rhema of God

God’s Word contains power to transform a person’s life. The secret to “Word transformation” is two-fold: first the reading of the Bible and secondly, in living out its specific instructions. In the New Testament, there are two words commonly found to reference “God’s Word.” One is logos, which in its broadest term includes the Bible […]

September 13, 2011

Back to the B-A-S-I-C-S: Getting More From Your Bible Study

Last week I was guest on a local radio show, Back to the Basics.  From that preparation, came this Bible study aid, “Back to the B-A-S-I-C-S:  Getting More From Your Bible Study.”   Hope it helps.  Let me know how you like it.  SHARE YOUR “Bible Basics” with us. B-Belief –“ But we are bound […]