Founder’s Biography

eileenEileen Epps-Hamilton

Eileen is the founder of In The Word Ministries, a Bible teaching ministry dedicated to “Equipping Women to Live Victoriously.”   “I saw Christians who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives.  When I looked closer, I noticed that they didn’t look, speak, or act much differently than unsaved people in the world.  Victorious living is the result of submitting to the Lordship and leadership of the Triune God.   People don’t like the thought of submitting to anyone but God is not “anyone”.  He is our Creator, our Provider, our Deliverer, our Comforter and much more.  Living victorious is believing that God is real and living our lives based on that truth.”

Eileen’s greatest passion is teaching God’s Word.  She teaches through a number of venues including the ministry’s annual Christian Women’s Conference, where local and national speakers join forces to share the transforming truth of Jesus Christ.  The last conference, “ReDiscovering God” featured Bonnie St. John, Olympic medalist and author of the books, “Living Your Joy” and “How Strong Women Pray.”

Eileen writes the ministry’s weekly e-mail devotional, WordBytes, reaching subscribers across the nation. Her Bible Basic Series © invites women to do deeper in their examination of God’s Word through this intense small group Bible study program. She uses teaching tools and resources that encourage women to study God’s Word daily—to develop a passion for Bible study.

Eileen has a heart for women and the challenges they face in the 21st century. Whether she is speaking at Christian women’s conferences, retreats or in church pulpits the heart of her message is the same–Christ, our Hope of glory.  As an educator and licensed evangelist, she is committed to reaching the lost, encouraging the brokenhearted, and glorifying God.

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