About Us


In The Word Ministries is a Christian, nonprofit organization with a passion for encouraging the development of spiritual maturity in those who are “called of God” and to guide those who are in search of “a better way.”

Our Mission:  Transforming lives through teaching God’s Word

Our Vision:     Equipping women to live victoriously


In The Word Ministries focuses on:

Equipping through Biblical teaching, evangelizing and discipling.  Once equipped with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, people will pursue life styles that are Christ-centered and  God-honoring.

Enriching through the development and facilitation of Christian events and workshops designed to worship God and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Once enriched, people will pursue a personal relationship with the Triune God resulting in both individual and corporate worship, prayer, and praise.

Encouraging spiritual growth and development so that people will find and use their spiritual gifts for service and edification of the local church, an extension of Christ in the world. The world will know those who belong to Christ by their fruits and how they love.


Offers a variety of conferences, workshops, and events that teach the Bible with both clarity and relevance so that lives of both believers and unbelievers can be changed. The Word is “alive” and relevant for the issues that people face today.

Assembles a cadre of faithful teachers and lecturers who are “not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and join united to share His Word with those who seek Him.

Invites both women and men to join us in building a network of believers committed to the infallible rule of faith and practice which is needed to live a life that is holy and pleasing to God.



In The Word Ministries believes and incorporates into our ministry the teaching of: